Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Facebook releases new redesigned profile page

Facebook the world top most social networking web site redesigned new profile page for users to display more what they want on their page. We can place images, videos and favorite things and most online friends.

It has recently released a new messaging service and making it competitor for Google mail.

I can say that sure Facebook will be online destination to most of the Internet users.


Polish Man Alcohol Record

Adrian Szczypolwski, 52, was arrested for driving into two parked cards before driving head on into another car with 5 times the lethal toxicity level of alcohol at 384mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood this past August 7th.

Judge Devins of Westport District Court said, "This is probably the highest (blood alcohol level) I´ve ever heard of."

Judge Devins convicted Szczypolwski off drunk driving, driving without insurance, dangerous driving, disqualified him for five year, fined him $1,700 and if found suitable he was charged with 200 hours of community service.


One dose of aspirin a day cuts cancer risk

Taking a daily aspirin can dramatically cut the risk of dying from cancer, a landmark study has concluded.

Aspirin is already known to protect against heart attacks and strokes, but the study of more than 25,570 patients, published today in The Lancet, is the first to prove that the drug is effective against a range of common cancers.


Amazon Introduces new Kindle with Wi-Fi,and 3G

Amazon introduces new generation Kindle with Wi-Fi and 3G wireless. The new Kindle is described as smaller, lighter, faster, and has 50% better contrast. The Kindle Wireless Reading Device features WiFi/3G, 6-inch display, and graphite screen.

The screen can be read even under bright sunlight and its battery can last for one month. A single charge can last for about a month while a book can be download within a minute.


Using phone while pregnant can lead to behavioral problems in children

Researchers suggest that pregnant women who regularly use mobile phones are putting their babies at risk of developing behavioral problems.

In the study of 29,000 youngsters, mothers provided details of their lifestyle, diet and environment during and after pregnancy.

Nearly half of the mothers had their phones turned on at all times while around a third of children were using a mobile phone by the age of seven.


Alcohol More Harmful Than Heroin

A new study has discovered that alcohol is a more dangerous drug than heroin and cocaine. The report is from Britain’s Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs. Its research classified drugs on the basis of the harm they do in our society. Alcohol came top of the list, with heroin second and cocaine third. Researchers created nine categories of harm that drugs can do "from death to damage to mental functioning and loss of relationships," and seven types of harm they do to others. Experts in Britain are now calling for new laws to control alcohol. Don Shenker from the group Alcohol Concern said: “The government should now urgently ensure alcohol is made less affordable and invest in prevention and treatment services to deal with the rise in alcohol dependency that has occurred."

The research was led by a former government drugs advisor, Professor David Nutt. He has been calling for a change in the way Britain classifies drugs for many years. He was fired in 2009 for his views and claimed the government was more interested in politics than scientific evidence. Any laws that make alcohol a dangerous drug would cause harm to any government trying to win an election. However, the current study is very extensive and strongly suggests he was right to call for a reclassification. Professor Nutt told Britain’s Guardian newspaper: "We need to rethink how we deal with drugs in the light of these new findings." One suggested change is that cigarettes are put in the same category as cocaine, because they cause as much harm to the individual and society.


British Actress Attacks English Slang

British Oscar-winning actress Emma Watson has hit out at the slang used by her compatriots. The star of Harry Potter and Nanny McPhee movies told the British magazine Radio Times that she thought too many people in Britain didn’t speak properly. She said a lot of the language she heard on the streets made people sound stupid. In particular, the phrases “innit” and “ain’t” drove her insane. “Innit” started off as a variation of “isn’t it” but is now used to replace a whole variety of tag questions, ranging from “wasn’t it” to “don’t we” and “won’t I”. She made her comments after visiting her old high school. She told the students not to use slang so much, “because it makes you sound stupid and you're not stupid”.

Ms Watson told her interviewer she thought people needed to rethink how important correct grammar and language are. She said: "We have to reinvest, I think, in the idea of articulacy as a form of personal human freedom and power.” She didn’t say people should not use slang, but they should remember where and when to use it: "There is the necessity to have two languages – one that you use with your mates and the other that you need in any official capacity. Or you're going to sound like [an idiot]," she said. Language experts say Thompson’s rant was an attack on “teenspeak,” which has developed through text messaging and social networking sites. Many parents say they don’t understand their children.